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YSoft OMNI Bridge = Cloud Ready Printers

Leverage the Y Soft-manufactured Edge device, OMNI Bridge™, to hook up your print environment to the cloud and ensure a cloud-ready printer fleet. Our OMNI Bridge Edge device with guaranteed compatibility is manufactured in-house, providing you with a one-stop shop for supply and support.

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OMNI Bridge™ is a gateway for taking your print to the cloud. All you have to do is combine it with our Cloud print software offerings in the SAFEQ Platform.

With your print environment in the Cloud, embrace flexibility in how, when, and where you work. Get rid of costly print servers and tedious manual tasks piling up for your IT team, while taking advantage of the following key benefits: 
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  • Simple & affordable cloud migration
  • A true hybrid-first approach to printing

  • One-stop shop for supply & support

  • Fully enabled print roaming

  • Automate IT work & manage printers from one web UI 

  • Zero maintenance & zero trust

  • The strongest security between endpoints

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With a hybrid-first approach to printing, you ensure that your print environment keeps up with a remote workforce, prohibit workflows from suffering under a remote or hybrid work model, and accelerate your digital transformation.
Are you eager to learn more about our OMNI Bridge cloud connector? View the product datasheet here.

Make All Your Printers Cloud-Ready

Say goodbye to managing on-premises print servers and installing print drivers. With YSoft OMNI Bridge™, we help businesses connect their print environment to the cloud, strengthen their hybrid-first workforce model and reduce the burden on their IT team.

When combined with our native Cloud or managed Cloud, it instantly and cost-effectively connects networked printers to the cloud, enabling seamless printing wherever and whenever you need it.

Connect Printers to the Cloud Instantly

  • Manufactured in-house

  • One-stop shop for supply & support

  • A true hybrid-first approach to printing

  • Reduced burden on IT teams