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YSoft SAFEQ Managed

Provides robust print management and document capture features with a managed cloud infrastructure service.
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Key Benefits

Eliminate Costly Infrastructure
Managed print infrastructure as a secure, reserved cloud subscription lightens the burden on IT – no longer need to install or support on-premise infrastructure.
Improved Security & Data Privacy
Users authenticate to access the printer’s functions and to release print jobs eliminating sensitive documents left in the output tray. 
Print Services Control & Visibility
Make fact-based decisions and set savings policies based on comprehensive system usage data.
No Surprise Costs
As a subscription service for each printer, you will know your costs with no surprises. There is no limit to the number of users.


Documents remain secure until the user is authenticated at the printer via card or mobile phone, PIN, username/password or any combination. Documents remain secure until released. Jobs no longer needed never print. 
Delivers secure pull-printing from any printer in the SAFEQ system, per data center. Integrated with the Universal Print feature of Microsoft 365. 
Enforce common cost-reducing rules (e.g. black and white or two-sided printing), create and trigger your own rules, alert users when rules are applied, watermark for security when rules are applied. 
Pre-defined and custom reports deliver fact-based data and usage audits at regular intervals and on-demand. 
One-click secure scanning to Cloud-based document depositories and scan to email. 
Supports printing from iOS and Android devices via SAFEQ mobile apps or through print job upload via web or email. Offers automatic format conversion (JPG, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, PNG). 
Allocate and manage use through price lists, cost centers, billing codes and usage quotas. Create individual or group accounts for easier administration.  
YSoft SAFEQ Managed can be customized with additional features and options. These may include: 
  • Digital Fax – replaces expensive fax kits and analog phone lines with a more reliable cloud-based service. Learn more
  • Automated Advanced Scan Workflows – adds a world-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine making scanned documents keyword searchable and editable (PDF, Word, Excel). Includes powerful features for image cleanup, append/pre-pend pages, page removal and highlighted text, text redaction. 
  • Pay-for-print services – Aids in managing and recovering print services costs.  
  • Extension Store – Access to over 50 customized capabilities and integrations with third party applications such as SAP, EPIC, and DocuWare. Visit the Extension Store

Contact us to learn more about these custom options. 
Managed and supported directly by Y Soft, your print infrastructure is delivered as a secure, reserved Cloud instance. The entire service is offered as a subscription service. 
  • Secure Connection – A set-it-and-forget-it Edge device maintains a secure connection to your reserved Cloud infrastructure 
  • Zero Trust environment – ensures maximum document security and data privacy 
  • Managed by Y Soft on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform