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Reliable Card Readers for Security-Minded Teams

Enjoy riskfree contactless card identification and verification with the YSoft MFX Card Reader series.

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MFX Card Readers

Supercharge Device and Location Security

certified 6-Year Product Warranty

All YSoft card readers come with a free six-year product lifetime warranty, giving you full peace of mind that your readers will be repaired or replaced when necessary.

ysoft icon_circle_positive_Card Reader Authentication kopie Latest Chip Technology

Our series of MFX care readers are designed with the latest chip technology to help you overcome straining supply chain woes.

YSoft MFX Ultimate

Most universal reader on the market

The YSoft MFX Ultimate Reader is the ideal solution for secure, two-factor identification verification. It combines mobile, Legic, and HID technologies in just one device, making it the most universal USB reader on the market.

MFX Ultimate capabilities
MFX Ultimate

Check out the MFX Ultimate Reader in Action

If you're looking for a universal reader that works with most technologies worldwide, including Legic Advant, HID iClass SE, and mobile, then MFX Ultimate is for you.

YSoft MFX Lite

Sustainability conscious reader

Using industry-standard technologies, the YSoft MFX Lite is the ideal entry-level card reader for cost- and sustainability-conscious users requiring secure contactless card identity verification. The reader’s lower power consumption also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 36%. 

MFX Lite Capabilities
IP card reader

YSoft MFX Reader

Contactless HID Reader

The standard-level MFX reader provides secure identity access for devices and locations via a contactless card using HID technology.
MFX Reader Capabilities

YSoft MFX Mobile

Portable Device Reader

With the MFX Mobile Reader, secure and accurate authentication is achieved through a mobile app. After a user enters their unique credentials, they are encrypted and stored safely on the user’s smartphone. 
MFX Mobile Capabilities
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