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Analytics for Fact-Based Decision Making; NewField IT and Y Soft
YSoft SafeQ
CTO, Y Soft North America
You can’t control what you can’t measure, right? In order to make decisions about your print infrastructure, you need accurate data. We call this making data driven decisions and it is what our YSoft SAFEQ Reporting module delivers.
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Y Soft Middle East Moves to Larger Offices in Dubai
Y Soft Corporation
Chief Sales Officer
Y Soft’s team in Dubai has recently moved to larger offices in the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) in Dubai.
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World Paper Free Day – Nov 4
YSoft SafeQ
Senior Vice President, General Manager of Y Soft Scanning Division
Want to learn more about reducing your paper-based processes? AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is hosting a virtual event on November 4 called World Paper Free Day.  
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We will wage this war for paper to its bitter end…
Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Chief Technology Strategist
People sometimes ask me what will we do, when everything goes paperless. It seems only natural, that a company which grew in printing business (sort of) will try to defend and even endorse printing and paper. I also recently had the opportunity to speak about Digital Transformation in companies at a local IDC event and these two go hand in hand.
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R&D Stays Active in the Tech Community: Beer Involved
Y Soft Corporation
Senior Embedded Systems Developer
One of the cool things our R&D teams get to do is share our developer knowledge with the broader tech community in the Czech Republic and also learn from developers in other technology companies located here.
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Y Soft UK Office Grows
Y Soft Corporation
Director, Global Communications
Y Soft’s UK team recently moved into new corporate offices. Now located in Stockley Park, Middlesex, they are a short 10 minute drive from London Heathrow Airport which is just a 15 minute train ride to London’s Paddington Station.
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Changes in our 3D Print Solutions
YSoft be3D
CEO, Co-Founder
With the introduction of YSoft be3D eDee solution for Education earlier this year, Y Soft achieved an industry first in 3D printing – a complete 3D print management solution for education. Frankly, we were astonished at the response.  
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