2025 and beyond PART 2: Mobile Printing

In part two of this series of seven articles, we take a closer look at the technology initiatives behind Digital Transformation, specifically mobile printing.

With the rising shift in the number of mobile employees, print services changes are required to support this shift. Mobile printing is transformational technology in the world of printing as adoption of mobile printing technologies and tools has much broader impact than just on mobile devices and BYOD. Mobile printing drives driverless printing, modern authentication methods, and wider integration options, and often requires integration of on-premise and cloud tools into a single customer ecosystem.

Mobile printing
Organizations are witnessing a move away from rigid office environments and these are being replaced by a flexible, customizable and remote way of working. The Quocirca Print 2025 report shows that mobile employees are expected to account for more than half of the workforce by 2025. It is unsurprising that 45% of respondents identified mobile printing as an area that is capturing their attention. (See full infographic below.)

Mobile devices are transforming the way in which businesses work. Employees are using multiple devices in multiple locations every day, as technological advances and integration into businesses makes it more and more possible for a job to be carried out anywhere.
With a highly mobile workforce, organizations need to ensure that employees can remain productive. This naturally highlights the need for employees to seamlessly and securely print to their company’s printers anywhere in the world from any mobile device. While flexibility is required, there is also the necessity to maintain control of security and to account for the printing from mobile devices just as they do from workstations.
With mobile printing expected to grow across all sectors, this is a key area for the print industry; over half of the surveyed enterprise organizations expect mobile print volumes to increase.
The need for secure mobile printing has been addressed by Y Soft and is in fact a hallmark of YSoft SAFEQ. Additionally, YSoft SAFEQ is the only certified Enterprise Print Services provider for Mopria, an industry alliance providing standards for printing on Android devices.
Supporting the growing demands of a mobile workforce while improving print infrastructure flexibility has been made possible by YSoft SAFEQ print management. Ensuring that print governance requirements are supported means that security, mobility, sustainability and cost efficiency measures are met.
Remote workers are able to print seamlessly and easily from their devices with speed and reliability with YSoft SAFEQ’s mobile printing features, including the ability to authenticate at any company printer via the YSoft SAFEQ mobile app. Employees can select any of the company’s networked printers at any location – worldwide, verify their identity through authentication and release their print job(s). All this while administrators maintain control of the print environment, with full accounting for print jobs submitted and released through mobile devices. How does it work?

YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Print feature
The YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Print module affords the same security as if the print job was sent from the desktop. This module supports both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, meaning that your BYOD policy is maintained without complicated IT support. It offers seamless and secure mobile printing from devices without the need to install additional software and print drivers. From mobile devices, employees – and authorized guests, can send a print job to YSoft SAFEQ via email or to a dedicated company web page. The employee can print the job by authenticating at the printer (or by authenticating using the mobile app) where the print job is waiting.
Mobile Printing – The future
With the growing demand for mobile working and printing, there is no denying that the print landscape is changing. Whether your organization has one central location or multiple offices around the globe, the rise of the mobile worker will impact you, but with YSoft SAFEQ, you can support your employees need to stay flexible and your need to stay secure.
Download a free copy of the a YSoft executive summary of the Quocirca Print 2025 report to learn more. The full Quocirca report can be purchased at www.print2025.com.
This is part 2 of a seven-part series exploring the Digital Transformation technologies identified by enterprise organizations in the Print 2025 report by Quocirca.

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