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2025 and beyond PART 4: Paper-to-digital workflow

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In this fourth part of our series reviewing the Print 2025 research carried out by Quocirca, we look at paper-to-digital workflows. We examine why 40% of respondents feel that paper-to-digital workflows is a key focus area, presenting a significant opportunity for the print industry.


Paper-to-digital workflow

Organizations are looking for ways to become more efficient, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Paper-to-digital workflow automation uses digital technology to streamline or fully automate a business process, ensuring that everything happens on time and in sequence. An example of this is scanning, renaming and storing files to a digital environment using a tailored workflow to meet a specific need or process, such as processing of incoming invoices.

Fast and efficient scanning is a modern-day necessity for organizations as they manage their workflow while going paperless and heading towards digitalization. Replacing manual tasks with a professional and bespoke automatic workflow to deal with high volumes of paper and digital documents removes many of the difficulties faced. Reducing or eliminating human involvement in repetitive document-intensive activities enables the process to run more efficiently and frees up workers to focus on higher-value tasks. Organizations need to securely manage, process and store high volumes of data, and the storage of documents in the cloud ensures that people have access to the information they require, quickly and efficiently.
The main advantages of paper-to-digital workflows are:

  • Quality and accurate digital documents

  • Human error eradicated as parameters are predefined

  • Consistent formatting, naming and delivery of scans

  • Adherence to industry standards – such as legal requirements, archiving, and auditing

  • Documents are searchable and central

  • Saves time and money

  • Enables fast processing of large volume scans with batch scanning

  • Increases efficiency and agility

  • User friendly

  • Reduces the need for physical storage of documents

The march of digital transformation continues, with 72% of respondents already operating several paper-free business processes and 52% indicating that paper digitization will be very important by 2025 with 40% expecting to invest in this area (see graphic below).
The Quocirca Print 2025 report also shows that increasing business efficiency, revenue and productivity are the top reasons for using workflows, with 67% of organizations stating that they are planning to increase the digitization of their paper-based processes.

YSoft SAFEQ – Scan and Forget

The process of scanning and storing documents can be a long and complicated one, with extensive input required from the multi-functional device (MFD) user. This does not have to be the case; there is a better way. Automated workflows enable users to reduce the entire process to one simple click. The capture, processing and delivery is all managed in the back-end, so the user can scan and forget, safe in the knowledge the automated document scan will be accurate, formatted as required and saved to the correct location.

As touched upon in the report, YSoft SAFEQ’s automated scan workflows make the transition from paper to digital a simple one both for users and administrators. Organizations have a secure way to lessen their use of paper and eliminate human errors associated with paper processing or scan to email.

YSoft SAFEQ supports automated digital document delivery to cloud or on-premise systems including file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business, Dropbox Enterprise and HPE Records Manager. Using barcode recognition or highlighting relevant text will also enable the document to define the correct parameters, speeding up the efficient process even further.

Every organization is different, which is why YSoft SAFEQ has customizable workflows to meet specific needs.

The future is now

The benefits of digitalization and automated workflows are unquestionable, and organizations should not wait until 2025 to realize these. Paper-to-digital workflow is changing the way organizations work, and as the Global Print 2025 report shows, Y Soft is well positioned as a trusted partner ready to assist customers in their journey towards digital transformation. Y Soft has innovatively met the need for seamless and efficient paper-to-digital-workflows and is aligned with the report.

Download a free copy of the a YSoft executive summary of the Quocirca Print 2025 report to learn more. The full Quocirca report can be purchased at
This is part 4 of a seven-part series exploring the Digital Transformation technologies identified by enterprise organizations in the Global Print 2025 report by Quocirca. Read parts 1, 2 and by clicking on the links below.

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