Why are settings restricted in Automated Scan Workflows?

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Michal Husár
Technical Product Manager
Why is it that a user can change scan settings sometimes and not others? The answer lies in whether it is ad-hoc scanning or repetitive task scanning. 

Ad-hoc scanning example – I need to scan a document from my colleague, update it and then send it to my boss.

In this use case, it makes sense to allow me to change scan settings as desired because it is an ad-hoc scan therefore scan settings could be different for each document. For example, I may be scanning a picture so I want the highest possible resolution and full color so I can then edit it; another ad-hoc scan might be a plain document, so settings are not so critical.

Scan workflow example – I need to scan today's batch of invoices and store them in our company's archival system.

This is a task I do every day and so do 5 of my colleagues. It is very important that all archived documents are consistent. We don't want to have half of the invoices in full color and the other half in black and white with low resolution. So, it makes sense to define setting options for consistency.

Defining the settings is exactly what YSoft SAFEQ 6 administrators do. The administrator defines scan settings, for example, to full color, high resolution and searchable PDF output according to the needs for invoice capture and doesn’t allow users to make changes at the scan device.

Read about more examples where Automated Scan Workflows can help with repetitive tasks.

Michal Husár
Michal Husár

Michal is part of the Product Management team and is focused mostly on the Advanced Automated Scan Workflows within YSoft SAFEQ.

In his free time, he likes to play basketball, spend time with family and travel -- through all kinds of beautiful Italian towns enjoying the atmosphere but mostly their delicious food
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