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be3D Academy grows again with more premium 3D lessons and models

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New premium 3D lessons and models target STEAM subjects with more complex difficulty for advanced level students.
When we launched be3D Academy in November 2019, we knew that it would help schoolteachers with fun projects that use 3D printing to keep students interested and aid in their learning. We did not anticipate that teachers would be needing be3D Academy for remote teaching, at-home learning and in summer school classes to make up for lost time during school closures due to Covid-19.

We are thrilled that teachers can use our full lesson plans to continue teaching remotely and over the summer. And, we are pleased to add five new 3D premium lessons and associated models for advanced level students to be3D Academy. Here’s a look at what we’ve added:

In Birth of the Solar System, students learn about our Solar System, its creation and the many elements that comprise it including planets, dwarf planets, moons and more. Students create the planet Saturn complete with planet’s rings.

Who doesn’t love robots? The Robots lesson not only has students building their own desktop bot, they can also connect it to Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Micro:bit to control its movements.

In the Matryoshka lesson, students learn about these dolls, also known as Russian nesting dolls. In the first lesson, students will use design and math skills to create and sketch a theme for their Matryoshka dolls. Will they use the classic design or create a more unusual shape? To further the lesson, students can apply acrylic paint to bring out the theme of their designs.

The Rubber Band Car lesson explores kinetic energy and how gears work. Students are given guidelines for creating the car’s wheels and gear structure. Students must consider the impact wheel size and wheel placement has on speed, and what impact adding weights has on speed and efficiency.

For students with advanced design skills, Project Box them take the role of a product designer who must meet their client’s specifications when designing a housing box for a piece of electronics. Students must create and present their design and demonstrate how it meets the project specs.

As with all be3D Academy lessons, these new lessons include a rich set of resources including video how-to’s, teacher guided lesson plans, presentations, worksheets and 3D printing instructions. The lessons allow students to imagine and create all while learning the essential concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). All of our 3D lessons are ISTE standard compliant.

be3D Academy registration is free, and anyone can use its basic resources. Premium 3D lessons and models are indicated and are available as a free resource to YSoft be3D eDee customers. To learn how to purchase be3D eDee and be3D Academy Premium lessons, stroll on over
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