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OMNI Bridge device

YSoft OMNI Bridge 

Consisting of YSoft OMNI Bridge™ and YSoft OMNI Apps™, your printers can instantly connect to the cloud, opening a world of productivity and cost-saving opportunities. 

With the OMNI UP365™ App, our first OMNI App, your existing printers can instantly and cost effectively take advantage of Universal Print technology from Microsoft. It also extends support of Universal Print beyond Windows to include Chrome OS, MacOS, Linux and Unix.

Cloud print management for IT

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Family 

Our family of cloud-based print management and hosted print services. YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro is an ideal, reserved service for the enterprise and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze as a shared service is perfect for SMB. 

Both services reduce the need for IT resources; it requires zero-maintenance for the business as Y Soft or a Y Soft partner manages the service. Offered with a friendly subscription at a lower cost than on-premises, the cloud-based services provide comprehensive usage visibility and tracking. Importantly, it simplifies print services for your employees and is easily scalable as your business needs grow. 

The YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Family of services is part of the YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Workflow Platform. The Platform is designed so that your investment in YSoft SAFEQ technology is future proof. New features are easily added and fully integrated.

Print management for IT


Our flagship 2D and 3D print management and document capture solution. Used by more than 42% of the Global Fortune 500, YSoft SAFEQ reduces print costs, improves document security, and increases productivity. This on-premises or on-premises/private datacenter solution is offered in a variety of software suites. Software suites bundle YSoft SAFEQ features to provide the most value although individual modules can be purchased.

Print management card readers and external terminals


Y Soft also develops, manufactures, and tests companion hardware solutions that enhance the use of the software platform. Hardware solutions include the USB Card Reader 3, External Terminals, YSoft SAFEQube, Mobile Application, and the YSoft Payment Machine

YSoft SAFEQ workflow solutions platform diagram

The YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Solutions Platform 

YSoft SAFEQ is designed as a software platform. Today, the platform has three main product areas:  Print Management, Document Capture and 3D Print Management. Within these areas, the software is offered either as a cloud-based service or as an on-premise solution.  

When using a cloud-based service, the component features are bundled together. When using on-premise, the modules are offered in Software Suites for the best value although individual modules can be purchased. 


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