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YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

Family of cloud-based print management services. YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro for the enterprise and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze for SMB.
SAFEQ Cloud print management services


Reduce IT Resources
Completely outsourced print infrastructure so your IT can work on other high-value projects.
Manage costs, usage visibility
Cloud hosting reduces print services costs with budget-friendly subscription pricing.
Simplify Print Services
Simplify print services with print, copy and scan features with an easy-to-use interface.
Modular building block architecture easily and cost-efficiently scales in the cloud as business needs change.

Feature / Components

Core Print Management
  • Authentication
  • Print Roaming
  • Reporting
Rule-Based Engine
Scan to Email

if device has the capability
Infrastructure Reserved Shared
Resiliency / Custom Options  
Uses Edge Device
USB Card Reader included Optional Optional
Universal Print compatibility (planned)
Fixed Monthly / Quarterly Fee + Per Device Pricing  
Per Device Pricing  

Coming Soon! Table should be used as a guideline and details are subject to change.



Assigns user rights and workflows to ensure secure access to devices. Enforces user identification.
Supports BYOD initiatives, secure mobile printing and secure guest printing.
Secure, pull-printing from any printer in the print environment with only one print driver. Scalable from one office to multiple offices globally.
Pre-defined library of common print governance rules such as forced BW printing, single page to double-sided page.
Fact-based audit of print, copy and scan usage. Pre-defined reports or custom reports. Green reports supply sustainability initiative data.

Hosting, Hardware Components and Options

Extensions and integrations further extend the value of YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro. View the available solutions in the Extensions Store.
The YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of print management services are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and managed by Y Soft. Updates and maintenance are included and are a seamless part of the service.  
With reserved hosting, infrastructure and the YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro application are used by a single business. With shared hosting, infrastructure and the YSoft SAFEQ Breeze application is shared among many distinct businesses and company specific metadata is kept separate.

The YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of print management services offer cloud-based print services and print infrastructure that use enterprise-grade best practices to keep customer data private and secure. Read the Y Soft Cloud Services Security Guidelines.
YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro is offered with a choice of resilience levels.
  • Core offers a quality service with standard resilience in a single data center
  • Ultra uses application level failover and redundancy to optimize uptime in accordance with the cloud platform provider
  • Elite improves reliability with Geo resiliency across multiple data centers, providing complete peace of mind
  • Custom delivers a truly bespoke infrastructure solution
YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of print management services has a budget friendly monthly or quarterly subscription pricing structure. Your print services costs are transparent, predictable, and with no large upfront investment, costs are operational and flexible when you need to add or remove devices. 
 Y Soft has partnered with Microsoft to integrate Universal Print with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud and YSoft SAFEQ on-premise.
The Connector Library contains print management and scan connectors that can extend the value of YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro. Connectors are either complimentary or require an additional purchase.
The Y Soft Edge device keeps the data in your documents within your network, safe and private. Only the metadata about the job travels to the cloud. Future releases may provide this capability without the use of an Edge device.
The Edge Device is also ideal for locations that have poor or unreliable Internet access. Additionally, Edge Computing reduces the bandwidth to/from the cloud as only metadata about the print, copy or scan job travels to the cloud.
The USB Card Reader 3 provides fast and accurate user authentication with a swipe of an ID card. User identity is verified against the corporate directory.

The USB Card Reader 3 is Included with YSoft SAFEQ Breeze during the early access period; once the early access period closes, it is available as an additional purchase.

The USB Card Reader 3 is available as an additional purchase for YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro.

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