The Power Behind the Platform for Growth

Our Building Block Architecture is key for scalability, flexibility and high availability.

Your print infrastructure software and hardware architecture
play a critical role for cost effective scalability

YSoft SafeQ takes a tiered approach to architecture where each tier and the services that reside on each tier are individual building blocks.

Like building blocks, the tiers and services can be used to design a solution for your existing infrastructure meeting your technical needs while allowing for growth (scalability) at any level. It is YSoft SafeQ’s tiers and the concept of building blocks that are at the root of YSoft SafeQ’s flexibility and ability to scale.
YSoft SafeQ’s architecture offers a variety of services that, like building block tiers, can be quickly and easily added as needed. For example, your organization may have a single site requiring simple print, scan and copy services for a few hundred employees.  

As your company grows, perhaps now at 1000 employees, it needs to add more devices and additional services such as Mobile Print and Automated Scan Workflows. YSoft SafeQ’s architecture enables your company to adapt quickly to these changing needs and can add the services and infrastructure required to support additional users or MFDs (multi-functional devices).
With further growth, your company may open a new office or acquire another company. The original site becomes the headquarters (HQ) and now there is a remote office or multiple remote offices. To support this growth, YSoft SafeQ’s architecture can add building block tiers to your company’s infrastructure, as shown in the diagram. The new remote office only requires one YSoft SafeQ tier and a set of services and uses the centralized HQ architecture for the rest.

Not all remote locations have the same IT requirements. Some remote offices may have mission-critical printing and, therefore, high availability is required, while other offices don’t need it. While other solutions only allow high availability, redundancies and failover as an all-or-nothing approach, YSoft SafeQ can accommodate these needs in place for locations that truly need it by clustering tiers.  

The Power behind the Platform 

YSoft SafeQ is the power behind the Y Soft Workflow Solutions Platform. Due to our scalable and flexible Building Block Architecture, customers can choose print management in a range of deployment options:
  • as a Y Soft cloud hosted service; 
  • on-premise in a private cloud;
  • a combination of on-premise and private cloud.  
YSoft SafeQ can be purchased in Suites, Modules, or in the case of YSoft be3D eDee and YSoft SafeQEdge Core, in bundled solutions where YSoft SafeQ and other Y Soft technologies and services are united to provide unique solutions. Y Soft products are offered as a subscription service or perpetual licenses.
YSoft SafeQ + Epic
YSoft SafeQ + Epic
SafeQ is now integrated with Epic for secure printing in Healthcare