When more sophisticated document processing and formatting is required, Advanced Scan Workflows meet the challenge. With Advanced Scan Workflows, robust document processing includes OCR (optical character recognition) and much more.



Advanced Workflows include all the benefits of Core Workflows plus these additional benefits:
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With OCR enabled, unstructured data, as well as structured data, can be captured. The OCR engine supports dozens of languages with dictionary support, artificial languages, programming languages, simple chemical formulas and digits. For a full list of supported, view the technical specifications.


Enhanced Document Capture Processing

Enhanced Document Capture Processing

Many document capture software solutions create an image; there is little processing and the quality of the image can be poor. Digital documents created through the Advanced Workflows module are high quality, usable documents that can be text searched and amended. Advanced Workflows can also prepend or append newly scanned pages to existing digital documents.

Secure Digital Documents

Secure Digital Documents

For organizations that need additional levels of security, documents can be created in a password protected PDF format.


With Advanced Workflows, organizations have a paper-to-digital process that keeps employees productive, with resulting digital documents that are accurate, secure and safely stored where they can be easily retrieved through keyword search.


YSoft SafeQ Advanced Workflows have three main phases:

  • When logging into any print device, the user is presented with relevant workflows for the user's job as assigned by the administrator. This personal experience simplifies the task even further
  • Defines the scan quality settings which include black/white or color
  • Highlighted text recognition can be used to include text in the file name or redact text
  • Folder browser using the print device’s control panel
  • User input from a pre-populated drop-down menu, the contents of which can be imported. This metadata is collected and associated with the document
  • User input from a free-text field. This metadata is collected and associated with the document
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • 1D Barcode support reads values from document barcodes as metadata
  • Expanded output formats including:
    • Searchable PDF
    • Searchable PDF/A (an ISO standard suitable for archive requirements)
    • Searchable DOC and XLS
  • Image pre-processing and cleaning (despeckeling, fingerprint, dust removal)
  • Formatting features including:
    • PDF security with password
    • Append to PDF
    • Document separation sheets
    • Blank page removal
    • Page orientation auto-correction
  • Scan to folder
  • Scan to email
  • Scan to script
  • Scan to Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013
  • Scan to DropBox Business and Dropbox Enterprise
  • Access to a growing library of connectors to other 3rd party systems or proprietary systems specific to vertical industries (healthcare, finance, legal for example)
  • Secure document transport and delivery
  • Delivery status notifications
The Core Workflows module is a prerequisite for the Advanced Workflows module.

Advanced Workflows available in these Y Soft products:


The Power behind the Platform 

YSoft SafeQ is the power behind the Y Soft Workflow Solutions Platform. Due to our scalable and flexible Building Block Architecture, customers can choose print management in a range of deployment options:
  • as a Y Soft cloud hosted service; 
  • on-premise in a private cloud;
  • a combination of on-premise and private cloud.  
YSoft SafeQ can be purchased in Suites, Modules, or in the case of YSoft be3D eDee and YSoft SafeQEdge Core, in bundled solutions where YSoft SafeQ and other Y Soft technologies and services are united to provide unique solutions. Y Soft products are offered as a subscription service or perpetual licenses.


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