YSoft Labs beta project for SMB

YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA) is a cloud-based print management service in a box for SMB. This YSoft Labs project offers hassle-free core print management features with zero-maintenance for IT.

Cloud-Based Print Management in a Box

Hassle-free, flexible and secure cloud-based print services

Reduced IT Burden
Reduced IT Burden
Print for SMB is now a service – installed and maintained by Y Soft – leaving your staff to focus on other high-value IT projects. With no infrastructure costs, no maintenance required, it’s truly server-free.
As a cloud-based print management solution that uses an edge device, your document content is kept local for security/privacy peace of mind. It also means reduced network traffic and is perfect for locations with slow or inconsistent Internet.
Flexible & Scalable
Flexible & Scalable
The only cloud-based, SaaS (Software-as-a- Service) that gives your small/medium business the cost flexibility you need. And it’s the cloud so it scales easily as your business grows.
Pull-Print Convenience and Security
Pull-Print Convenience and Security
Users access the printer with an ID badge or login credentials. Pull-printing ensures only the document owner retrieves printed documents – all with the convenience of printing from any networked device with a single print queue.

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YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA) comes bundled as a service with everything SMB needs.

YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA) is a cloud-first print management service offered by Y Soft. The service components for print, copy and scan to email are:
  • Authentication – Provides secure access to multifunction devices (MFDs). Users can conveniently swipe their ID badge on the provided card reader or credentials to validate their identity. Once validated, the MFD’s features are available.     
  • Users can be added manually or replicated from an on-premise Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. Users can generate/get a code/PIN to self-register their ID badge
  • Print Roaming® – Our world-renowned pull-printing feature increases document security as the print job is retrieved immediately by the job owner; it also reduces paper waste as unneeded jobs are never printed. Users’ productivity and convenience is increased as printing can be done on any MFD in the network.
  • Reporting – Reports provide cost tracking and auditing on all print, copy and scan activity.
Using an edge device in cloud-based print services provides additional peace of mind. It means the data in your documents stay within your network and do not travel to the cloud. YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (beta) uses YSoft SAFEQube or a virtual appliance as the edge device.

This approach is also ideal for locations that have poor or unreliable Internet access. Additionally, using an edge device reduces the bandwidth to/from the cloud as only meta data about the print, copy or scan job travels to the cloud.
Visit our Y Soft’s Cloud-First Journey page to learn more about future edge device options.
For user convenience, a YSoft USB Card Reader 3 for each MFD is included. The YSoft USB Card Reader 3 accurately reads most card reader technologies. An LED light quickly indicates green for a valid identity or red for an unrecognized user. 
The entire cloud-based print management service is supported and maintained by Y Soft and offered through Y Soft’s world-wide community of partners. You do not have to worry about server maintenance or software updates – it’s all taken care of through the fully supported service. 

Learn More About Y Soft’s Cloud-first Print Management approach and YSoft SafeQEdge Core (beta)

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YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA) for SMB is offered as a YSoft Labs project. Participation is by invitation only.
Get in touch and a Y Soft representative will contact you.

The YSoft SAFEQEdge Core (BETA) project is currently offered in the U.S., Western Europe, Mexico, Chile, Panama and Costa Rica and on multifunction devices from Konica Minolta and Xerox. If you want to be notified when it will be offered in your country and your device, let us know.

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YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta
YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

SMB can now lose the IT hassle of supporting print services.