Y Soft Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based printing and cloud-based print management.

YSoft OMNI Series

With YSoft OMNI Series, your in-market printers can take advantage of cloud-based printing easily and cost-effectively.

YSoft OMNI Series consists of YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI Apps. OMNI Bridge is a serverless Edge device that connects any networked printer to the cloud. When paired with the YSoft OMNI UP365 App, the first of our OMNI Apps, your printers can take advantage of Universal Print and, in the future, a variety of print and printer related features. OMNI Bridge is easily configurable in seconds and requires no maintenance.


YSoft Cloud Family

Family of cloud-based print management services. YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro for the enterprise and YSoft SAFEQ Breeze for SMB. Both services eliminate the IT burden of managing print services and reduce costs.