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Accounting Firm - Processing Client Documents


An accountant’s office receives hardcopy document from numerous clients. This happens year round but especially when tax deadlines dates approach, the volumes can be significant and tight deadlines are needed to file tax returns in a timely manner.


A pre-defined YSoft SafeQ Scan Workflow accessible through a multifunction device (MFD), scans and automatically routes documents to the correct client folder and notifies the responsible accountant based on customer’s tax file number stored in a barcode.


Eva, a receptionist at an accountant’s office, mails a request for tax return-related supporting documentation to a client. Eva adds instructions and a coversheet containing a barcode, which stores the client’s tax ID to the request.

A few days later, Eva receives an envelope from the client containing the requested documentation and the barcode coversheet. Eva needs to make sure the responsible accountant, who will file the client’s tax return, receives the documents and that the documents are stored in the right client’s folder.

Eva swipes her badge at any MFD in the office, selects a pre-defined scan workflow on the MFD and scans all supporting documentation. The documents are automatically stored in a folder corresponding to the client’s tax file number stored in the barcode.

The accountant who is responsible for this tax return, receives an e-mail notification that supporting documentation is available in the client’s file and is able to complete the tax return.