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Educational Certification Center: Processing Test Results


A company is in the business of administering a variety of web-based certification tests on behalf of clients. Each client has multiple tests available and sends students to the certification center to take the test. As students come in to be tested, their electronic test is prepared and includes a digital barcode associated with the student’s account. Upon completion of the test, the results are printed and turned in to the center for processing.

The certification company must report to its clients who took a test, which test was taken, the actual test and the completed test results.


YSoft SafeQ customized workflows are created for each client utilizing the Highlight Text feature and barcode recognition features.


At the close of business, the Certification Center’s manager collects all the tests and test results separating them by each client. He uses a highlighter to highlight the name of the test taken and the name of the test results. For each client, he uses a pre-defined workflow for that client that will automatically scan all the documents at once and place the documents in the client’s folder in the cloud where the client can access them.

YSoft SafeQ creates a pdf for each test and test result using the highlighted text as part of the filename; the student’s account number is also part of the filename. The barcode ensures the documents are placed in the correct student’s folder for that client, creating a new folder if a match is not found.

The scan process is repeated for each client. In this way, the Certification Center manager only has to select the client without any other information needed. The YSoft SafeQ automatically delivers the right test and test results to the client’s folder for processing.