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Pest Control Company


A pest control company has over 100 specialists that can make three to five customer visits a day. Each driver receives daily paper orders from the head office that instructs him where to go and what services to provide. Each paper order has a barcode containing the customer account information and a check box to indicate if this was a new customer or a repeat service. At the end of the day the drivers return with completed forms. The next morning, the office administrator has a stack of completed forms that are marked as job completed. These forms need to be entered into their billing system. And, because the company is customer-centric, new customers are called to ensure satisfaction with their service.


A customized automated workflow is created in YSoft SafeQ for easy scanning and delivery of documents into the company’s billing system with alerts to the pre-defined person who will act on it. Additionally, the workflow is set to recognize highlighted text for specific additional actions desired by the company owner.


The office administrator uses a highlighter to highlight ‘new customer’ on each form if it is checked. Then she uses a pre-defined workflow in YSoft SafeQ on the multifunction printer to scan all the forms into the billing system. The scan workflow is customized so she needs to only select one menu item on the scanner. Once the scan is completed, the YSoft SafeQ system alerts the billing administrator by email that documents are present so she can process for invoicing and entering into accounts receivable.

For the forms that have been highlighted as new customers, the system automatically creates a new folder on a 3rd party repository using the scan date as the name and puts a duplicate scan of the order form in that folder. The company owner can access the folder to call each new customer to ensure they are satisfied with the service.