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YSoft SAFEQ 6 Embedded and External Terminals Comparison

Supported Features* Embedded Terminals External Terminals
    Terminal Pro 4 Terminal Professional 3.5 Terminal Ultralight
User authentication        
PIN / Card X X X X
username/password X X X  
Card readers        
Y Soft embedded card reader support     X X
YSoft USB card reader support X X    
User card self-assignment X X X  
User authorization        
User / group access rights settings X X X X
User color print restriction option X X X X
User interface, functions        
Menu screen to select copy/print/scan functions X X X  
User can copy, print and scan in one session X X    
Billing code (project) selection X X X  
Payment – quotas and charging X X X X
Language support (localization) X X X  
Pull print / secure print (Print Roaming®) X X X X
Option to display job lists – waiting jobs, re-print jobs, favorite jobs X X X  
Option to select jobs (print, delete, mark as favorite) X X X  
Job preview X X X  
Finishing options X X    
Display the number and price of accounted pages (print/copy) X X X  
Automated Scan Workflows – full support X      
Automated Scan Workflows – Quick Scan Workflows with native scanning   X   X
Device dependent accounting (copy, print, fax, scan) X      
Online Accounting (copy, print, scan)**   X X X
Offline Accounting (print)** X X X X
Compatibility with YSoft SAFEQ 5 X   X X

*  For Embedded and External Terminals, not all MFD brands and/or models support all features listed or all features available in YSoft SAFEQ and YSoft be3D eDee. Contact Y Soft for details for your print device brand/model.
** YSoft Payment System (pay-to-print and quotas) is not supported with Online and Offline Accounting methods. Online Accounting on all External Terminals is supported over SNMP for secure printing, scanning and copying, and over IPP for printing.