Print Authentication

Print Authentication

Secure against unauthorized access

YSoft SafeQ Authentication module is a key component to securing printer access and identifying users’ or groups of users’ activity. Analyzes usage behaviors and patterns to optimize your print fleet and ensure print governance enforcement.

User Access & Administration is Fast and Simple

Print, scan and copy authentication can be achieved through a variety of ways including building access cards/smart cards, PIN or login credentials. Once authenticated, the user can print all the print jobs in his print queue or only what he needs. For the administrator, setting up access is as simple as replicating the company directory. The administrator can also set up device access and print, scan, copy rights.

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Increases Document Security

With Authentication, jobs only print when the job owner authenticates at the printer. When access is not authenticated, the print jobs often sit in the print tray or can be retrieved by another. If these documents are confidential, the risks to the company can be significant.
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