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Complete peace of mind with Y Soft Support Services
13 February 2019   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Customers identify support services on a global scale and access to local experts as key criteria for choosing a partner.[1] At Y Soft, we deliver excellent customer support and strive to provide a premier complete customer experience.
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As Print is to Paper,
Process is to People
11 February 2019   Y Soft Corporation, Y Soft Corporation
CEO, Co-Founder
YSoft Labs is Revolutionizing the Employment Experience. As technology evolves, how do we best serve persistent human needs?
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The problem solving power of OCR
30 January 2019   YSoft SafeQ
YSoft SAFEQ Advanced Workflows use a powerful OCR engine to help improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of scanned documents.  
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Turn your multifunction device into a superhero
14 January 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Organizations of every size and industry are evolving and adapting as the pace of  technological change increases. With a finite budget and an increasing number of new tools and technologies to consider, you need to make wise choices about how to best allocate your resources and effort towards Digital Transformation (DX).  
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Is your printing solution saving the planet?
4 January 2019   YSoft SafeQ
Every business, regardless of size, contributes to the wider impact on our environment. Organizations have a choice in how they do business and looking after the environment is a proactive choice.   
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Manufacturing: helping young startups
24 December 2018   Y Soft Ventures
COO, Head of Manufacturing
One of Y Soft Ventures unique values offered to young startups is manufacturing and logistical expertise. Sewio Networks, one of Venture’s portfolio of investments, provides a good example of how manufacturing can help accelerate a path to global markets.
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Fingerprints to Identify Users
17 December 2018   YSoft SafeQ
Technical Product Manager
As printers, particularly multifunction devices (MFDs), become more sophisticated Internet of Things devices, their value to an organization increases. Once viewed as the machine in the corner for printing and copying, today’s MFDs have become instrumental machines for office productivity and a paperless office.  
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