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Whether you are a large or small business, the YSoft SAFEQ enterprise workflow solution offers many benefits for increasing productivity, improving document capture and reducing costs. Additionally, Y Soft offers solutions for efficiently providing 3D printing as an enhancement to the student’s learning experience in schools and universities.
Print management for IT

Print Management

Centralized print management and digital workflows support an organization’s growth while solving cost, security, and accountability requirements. 

YSoft SAFEQ Print Management for 2D printers provide visibility into the print environment with a comprehensive dashboard for easy management of the entire system. Read more about the business challenges that YSoft SAFE Print Management solves. 
  • Secure access to printers 
  • Pull-printing convenience 
  • Pay-to-print services 
  • Fully integrated with document capture workflows 

3D print management

3D Print Management

YSoft SAFEQ Print Management for 3D printers enables teachers to use 3D printing safely in the classroom. No need to lock 3D printers away; print management enables access to those students who need it and tracks users and what is printed.  
  • Easy to use, intelligent software guides students in safe 3D printing 
  • Students and teachers can pull-print to print 3D models on any networked 3D printer 
  • Fully integrated for use with 2D printers with comprehensive reporting 
  • Pay-to-print services  

Woman about to scan a document


Digitizing paper-based processes with powerful, user-friendly Automated Scan Workflows helps organizations with Digital Transformation goals. 

With the YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite, powerful tools make it easy to keep employees productive.  



With Universal Print, Microsoft moves key Windows Server print functionality to the Microsoft 365 cloud. Organizations no longer need on-premises print servers or need to manage print drivers, a long-standing burden on IT resources 
OMNI Bridge device

Universal Print on In-Market Printers 

Due to a lack of Universal Print-enabled printers on the market, Microsoft asked Y Soft to provide a solution that allows an organization’s existing printers to take advantage of Universal Print. The result is the YSoft OMNI Series, a new cloud/Edge computing family of products. 

With YSoft OMNI Bridge and YSoft OMNI UP365, any in-market printer is instantly Universal Print compatible without requiring a local or remote Windows 10 or Windows Server machine. OMNI Series eliminates the need to provision and manage print queues on Windows devices and allows for zero infrastructure, zero-trust network security, and zero IT know-how; printing is simply available to users in seconds. 
Y Soft is a Gold Microsoft Partner

Print Management with Universal Print 

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified ISV and with deep Print Management experience, we are able to offer significant features to enhance your use of Universal Print with any of our  SAFEQ Cloud or SAFEQ on-premise solutions. For SAFEQ on-premise customers, our integration with Universal Print provides the best option to on-ramp to the Cloud at a comfortable pace.  



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