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Document Capture Solution

Digitizing paper-based processes with powerful, user-friendly Automated Scan Workflows helps organizations with Digital Transformation goals.

Automated Scan Workflows remove the complexity of scanning, processing and securely storing digital documents. With YSoft SAFEQ document capture solutions, powerful tools make it easy to keep employees productive.

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Challenges & Benefits in Document Capture

Scanning to email is not a secure way to digitize documents and it can abuse the email system. Workflows are more secure and can predefine the delivery location. Scans can also be password protected.
With manual scanning, documents have no consistent naming format or processing parameters making it difficult to find later. Predefined workflows solves these details and indexes content for easy keyword search.

Despite good intentions, human error can prevent documents being scanned and stored correctly. Searching and redoing scans are productivity wasters.


Complicated menus and decisions are replaced with a one-touch menu option to select a pre-defined workflow for the task.

With YSoft SAFEQ Managed Workflows, administrators can easily create automated workflows for accurate document capture, processing and delivery to pre-defined destinations. Learn how different organizations are eliminating paper-based processes with more efficient and productive workflows.
The Library includes several complimentary connectors. Additional connectors can be purchased as per-device licenses or as a per-device subscription. The library lists all available connectors and if they are provided complimentary or as an additional purchase.
Recommended hardware and OS requirements for YSoft SAFEQ 6. Includes supported languages for the YSoft SAFEQ Client, external and Embedded Terminals and Optical Character Recognition processing.

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Document Capture Solution

Advanced Workflows
All the features of Core Workflows with additional processing power including optical character and barcode recognition.  

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Accurate document capture with secure workflow to Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox Business, Dropbox Enterprise, authorized email address or networked folder. 

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Assigns user rights and workflows to ensure secure access to devices. Enforces user identification. 

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Secure, pull-printing from any printer in the print environment with only one print driver. Scalable from one office to multiple offices globally. 

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Fact-based audit of print, copy and scan usage. Pre-defined reports or custom reports. Green reports supply sustainability initiative data.

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Looking to let your Print Soar in the Cloud?

Transitions to the cloud have skyrocketed in IT departments across the globe. If you’re already on a cloud journey, including your print management solution is a no-brainer. And even if you’re not – kickstarting the journey has never been easier. So, what’s holding you back? 

Here’s how you can move your print environment to the cloud: 

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

Take your print infrastructure to the cloud using a fully flexible native cloud solution. As you scale, we’re right there with you, with a cloud printing solution that adapts to your pace and makes life easier for everyone printing.

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SAFEQ Managed

Let us manage your print infrastructure in a secure, reserved cloud environment. SAFEQ Managed is ideal if you want the benefits of print management, without the need to purchase on-premise servers.

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OMNI Bridge

If your print architecture isn’t cloud-enabled on its own, fret not. OMNI Bridge is a cloud-connector, making any print device cloud-ready in just a few minutes. Don’t let your printers hold you back. 

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