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The SAFEQ platform puts you in the driver’s seat. Your needs, your preferences, your choice. Every time.

SAFEQ - Choose Your Cloud

Your Needs

IT departments are saddling up for the future, now more than ever. You need solutions that will stand the test of time, keep your company safe, and enable your team to get on track with mission-critical projects.

The SAFEQ Cloud offering is fueled by the ever-changing needs of IT teams and CIOs across the globe.

Keep your company and data safe

Keep your documents protected with high cloud security protocols.

  • Multi-layered defense
  • Provider-managed threat prevention
  • Zero-trust architecture
  • Regulatory compliance
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Access and privilege control

Transform your IT infrastructure

Make printing a breeze by introducing a modern print infrastructure to your IT workflows.

  • Increase infrastructure flexibility
  • Get on-demand scalability
  • Eliminate the need for on-prem systems
  • Enjoy uncompromised simplicity
  • Minimize IT helpdesk workload

Leverage future-proof solutions

Take advantage of innovative solutions that provide ongoing value and can adapt to future technologies.

  • Leverage future-ready print solutions
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Become powered by modern cloud technology
  • Born in Y Soft’s internal innovation center

Improve IT efficiency

Streamline day-to-day print operations and free up time to focus on more meaningful IT projects.

  • Eliminate physical servers
  • Use one full-featured single driver
  • Support a remote or hybrid workforce
  • Enjoy centralized administration
  • Automate tedious print tasks

Simplify the user experience

Don’t worry about complex installations, cryptic navigation, or shifty performance. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Straightforward download
  • Simplified user experience
  • Intuitive web-based UI
  • Automatic updates and patches
  • Vendor-agnostic

Control IT activities with ease

With a SaaS payment model, reporting features, and more, control your company’s print habits and IT costs.

  • Full visibility of your print fleet
  • Print activity logging
  • Easy reporting and auditing
  • Reduced print spending
  • Eco-friendly IT habits

Your preferences

SAFEQ Cloud iconHow your solution is hosted

One platform, hosted anywhere

Pick the cloud location that works best for you. Whether it’s a public pure cloud service or a gateway cloud connection, SAFEQ’s got you covered.

Supported clouds:
AWS, IBM, Azure, and any other cloud
that can run a Linux operating system.

SAFEQ On-Prem iconHow you run your print environment

Access your print environment with confidence

Your entire printing infrastructure can be deployed and controlled from a single web-based interface.

  • Use embedded applications with hybrid deployment options
  • Deploy workstation client(s) via script or MDM
  • Maximize inter-operability with our extensive API library
  • Print across different networks or locations
  • Administer and control access to print queues
  • Add new users and devices easily
  • Centralize and automate the solution configuration
  • Leverage on-premises authentication services
WEB UI vertical space final

Your Choice

Organizational characteristics

Step one of successfully migrating your print to the cloud is making sure it aligns with your business goals, cloud strategy, IT agenda, and IT needs.

Environmental characteristics

What’s “the right solution” comes down to your existing IT environment, namely the number of sites and networks, user needs, and work model (onsite, hybrid, or remote).

Technical characteristics

Your choice should be partly based on the complexity of your current technical infrastructure—including hardware, software, applications, and systems.

Safety Measures

The security measures you have in place and security goals you’re aiming to achieve can have an impact on your migration journey. This includes your security hygiene, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation practices.

Pick your cloud infrastructure-as-a-service

Options open doors to new worlds. Embracing cloud technology expands possibilities by providing scalability,
cost-efficiency, and uncompromised business control. And the best part? You get to set the pace and the path.

SAFEQ - Cloud Transition Program

Forge Your Path to Success in the Cloud—on Your Terms

Our SAFEQ Cloud Transition Licensing Program gives you all the flexibility you need to migrate your print to the cloud at your pace and on your terms. If you’re considering making the move to the cloud but need more time, this program is tailored to you.

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