Business Areas

Every business is unique. However the size and type of business have common needs and in this section we highlight features and capabilities of particular interest for Large Business, Small Business and the Education sector.

Solutions for Large Business

Adapting to change is a challenge for IT staff responsible for maintaining print services.

Whether the change is due to more employees at an existing location or new locations in different cities or countries, the print infrastructure needs to be easily scalable and flexible.

Key Y Soft differentiators for large businesses:

  • Scalable architecture
  • Flexible infrastructure requirements
  • Easily added features and services
  • Complete oversight into the entire print services environment
  • Friendly SaaS pricing
  • World class support and service


Solutions for Small Business

Small businesses need to leverage technology for growth and be as productive as possible. However, minding costs while having the flexibility to add new capabilities is critical.

Key Y Soft differentiators for small business:

  • Print services deployed in the cloud
  • The most advanced document capture solution to keep employees productive
  • Modular software suites that are tightly integrated
  • Friendly SaaS pricing



With scarce resources, educators need to be efficient in their print services offerings to focus funds on new ways to engage students in learning.

Key Y Soft differentiators for educators:

  • Cost efficient print services across a single campus or multiple campuses
  • Insight into the entire print, scan and copy functions on all print devices
  • Digital document workflows to keep faculty and office staff productive
  • 3D printing solutions designed specifically for Education
  • Pay-for-printing across 2D and 3D printers to recoup costs

YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta
YSoft SAFEQ Breeze Beta

SMB can now lose the IT hassle of supporting print services.