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Solutions for Small Business

Leveraging technology to grow your business

Small businesses need to leverage technology for growth and be as productive as possible. However, minding costs while having the flexibility to add new capabilities is critical.

Key Y Soft differentiators for small businesses:

  • Print services deployed in the cloud
  • Friendly SaaS pricing
  • Compatible with Univeral Print technology from Microsoft
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Benefits for Small Business


YSoft SAFEQ is offered in Suites for the best value. Software Suites are tightly integrated so small businesses can start with what they need and add capabilities easily leveraging their investment. Or, individual modules can be purchased for just the features needed today.


YSoft SAFEQ’s Platform for Growth architecture can be easily deployed in the cloud as a private or hybrid option with easy-to-use administrator tools freeing up valuable and scarce IT resources.


Small businesses depend on technology to keep employees focused on their core work. With workflows designed to convert paper-based tasks into digital processes, employees can scan and forget. The workflow takes care of capturing, processing and securely delivering digital scans to predefined destinations.


YSoft SAFEQ software and support is available through traditional licensing, and “As a Service” through subscription pricing. YSoft SAFEQ is on a per-device basis so you only purchase for the number of printers, not users.

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Small businesses need today’s technology

Y Soft understands small businesses. It's why we rearchitected YSoft SAFEQ for the cloud. With friendly subscription pricing, print management becomes an affordable, pain-free service, with no IT hassle. Whether it is critical print or digital document processes, small usinesses stay competitive by leveraging the latest technology to stay productive and focused on their core value. Y Soft roots for small businesses by providing smart solutions to help grow the business and stay profitable.


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Looking to let your Print Soar in the Cloud?

Transitions to the cloud have skyrocketed in IT departments across the globe. If you’re already on a cloud journey, including your print management solution is a no-brainer. And even if you’re not – kickstarting the journey has never been easier. So, what’s holding you back? 

Here’s how you can move your print environment to the cloud: 

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

Take your print infrastructure to the cloud using a fully flexible native cloud solution. As you scale, we’re right there with you, with a cloud printing solution that adapts to your pace and makes life easier for everyone printing.

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SAFEQ Managed

Let us manage your print infrastructure in a secure, reserved cloud environment. SAFEQ Managed is ideal if you want the benefits of print management, without the need to purchase on-premise servers.

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OMNI Bridge

If your print architecture isn’t cloud-enabled on its own, fret not. OMNI Bridge is a cloud-connector, making any print device cloud-ready in just a few minutes. Don’t let your printers hold you back. 

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