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YSoft SAFEQ & Universal Print

Print Management natively integrated with Universal Print.

Microsoft 365 + SAFEQ
Enhanced Universal Print for print management
Y Soft has partnered with Microsoft to natively integrate Universal Print with YSoft SAFEQ on-premise with plans to integrate with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud family of services.

But unlike other print management systems, we have gone further to enhance the use of Universal Print for your critical print services. YSoft SAFEQ extends the value of Universal Print, reducing costs and increasing benefits by eliminating the need to support a Windows Server infrastructure and supporting other non-Windows platforms.
SAFEQ + Universal Print for business printing
Whether using our cloud-based print management service or on-premise products, you’ll enjoy all the SAFEQ-related features you have grown accustomed to such as comprehensive reporting, document security, reduced print services costs and efficient workflows that increase your staff’s productivity.

It is, after all, why more than 40% of the global Fortune 500 use Y Soft products, including Microsoft.
Y Soft is a Gold Microsoft Partner
As a Microsoft Gold-Certified ISV and with deep Print Management experience, we are able to offer significant features to enhance your use of Universal Print from within SAFEQ on-premise with plans for similar enhancements for the SAFEQ Cloud Family of services. For SAFEQ on-premise customers, our integration with Universal Print provides the best option to on-ramp to the Cloud at a comfortable pace.

Y Soft Print Management and Universal Print

Microsoft provides a software connector as an option to connect to Universal Print. While other print management providers may use this connector to claim Universal Print compatibility, with YSoft SAFEQ products or services, you have native integration with Universal Print.

Our Universal Print integration technology supports cloud management, easy and secure device enrollment, and is designed for a zero-trust security environment.

Universal Print integration is Cloud-Native, built on the IPP family of standards (which Y Soft is helping to create and update as a member of the IETF Print Working Group) and native support for the Microsoft Graph API.
When using YSoft SAFEQ on-premise or in a private datacenter you can take your first step to transition to cloud-based print management and print services. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, your business can start receiving cloud benefits at a comfortable pace by eliminating the IT burden of managing print drivers and print queues.

With YSoft SAFEQ Cloud's planned Universal Print integration, you will be able to start using Universal Print with your existing fleet, protecting your existing investments. Universal Print will be used in combination with all the other ways to print, with a familiar and industry leading user experience on multifunction printers.

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud provides a client-less Cloud printing experience on Chrome OS, MacOS, Linux and Windows with or without Universal Print to enable a seamless transition of printing to the cloud. By not forcing clients to deploy client software, we deliver significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership, as there is no software to manage and protect. This reduces IT overhead and the security attack surface. All with a simple, one print queue experience to prevent user confusion.
As an enterprise solution, Y Soft has been on the forefront of offering high availability. Others are only now catching up. Our Building Block Architecture, in Cloud-Native edition, allows Cloud or on-premise clustering of print management services to ensure high availability through redundancy, monitoring and failover. Integration with Universal Print will continue to ensure your print services run smoothly and reliably across all the devices connected to Universal Print through any YSoft SAFEQ-related product or service.

Universal Print technology works well with YSoft SAFEQ flexibility and scalability in different settings: on-premise, Edge, pure cloud, and hybrid scenarios. Y Soft technology eliminates the single point of failure in the Universal Print integration endpoint, providing failover and load balancing (true active-active) for Universal Print as well, nicely complementing the built-in failover in YSoft SAFEQ.


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