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Solutions for Enterprise

Adapting to change is a challenge for IT staff responsible for maintaining print services. Whether the change is due to more employees at an existing location or new locations in different cities or countries, the print infrastructure needs to be easily scalable and flexible.

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Benefits for Enterprise


YSoft SAFEQ’s Platform for Growth architecture can be designed for the services and requirements specific to each location, easily scaling vertically and horizontally. It is not a one-size-fit-all approach so infrastructure costs are reduced.  

In addition to the Platform for Growth architecture which supports high availability, failover and redundancy needs, Y Soft offers a choice of service and support plans with guaranteed response times to meet the most demanding needs.

YSoft SAFEQ software and support is available through traditional licensing, and “As a Service” through subscription pricing. YSoft SAFEQ is on a per-device basis so you only purchase for the number of printers, not users.

Whether centralized or decentralized, YSoft SAFEQ provides insight into the entire print, scan, copy and fax activities on 2D printers and printing on 3D printers. Control, manage and optimize the entire 2D and 3D fleet within one easy-to-use administrative dashboard.

Meeting the needs of the Global Fortune 500

Y Soft is proud to support 42% of the Global Fortune 500 companies (2018) and thousands of other large businesses. With global support in almost every corner of the world, solutions that are designed to ‘just work’, and a Global Operational Excellence Framework for understanding the needs of large businesses and designing and deploying complex systems successfully, large businesses turn to Y Soft for reliable enterprise workflow solutions.


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Looking to let your Print Soar in the Cloud?

Transitions to the cloud have skyrocketed in IT departments across the globe. If you’re already on a cloud journey, including your print management solution is a no-brainer. And even if you’re not – kickstarting the journey has never been easier. So, what’s holding you back? 

Here’s how you can move your print environment to the cloud: 

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud

Take your print infrastructure to the cloud using a fully flexible native cloud solution. As you scale, we’re right there with you, with a cloud printing solution that adapts to your pace and makes life easier for everyone printing.

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SAFEQ Managed

Let us manage your print infrastructure in a secure, reserved cloud environment. SAFEQ Managed is ideal if you want the benefits of print management, without the need to purchase on-premise servers.

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OMNI Bridge

If your print architecture isn’t cloud-enabled on its own, fret not. OMNI Bridge is a cloud-connector, making any print device cloud-ready in just a few minutes. Don’t let your printers hold you back. 

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