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Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
Being among conference partners, Y Soft attended Agilia 2013 from 27 to 29 March in Brno. The Agilia 2013 conference which attracted a number of Czech, Slovak and foreign guests took place on the premises of the Avanti hotel in Brno.

Several interesting workshops by foreign speakers were organized on the Y Soft premises as well, so the guests had the chance, in addition to the event agenda which was interesting indeed, to check also the original Y Soft building and interiors.

The focus of Agilia 2013 was the application of agile methodologies in the IT environment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. What makes the conference so unique is its narrow focus on a specific topic and its exclusive contents. Agilia 2013 ranks among top ten conferences in Europe that it really pays off to attend. The mission of the conference is to explain to listeners what is agility, why it is adopted in the knowledge industry, what are the benefits of an agile methodology and how the necessary changes shall be implemented within an organization.

During the main conference day over 200 registered guests were present and had the opportunity to listen to lectures by internationally highly recognized speakers from the agile technology domain such as Tom Gilb, Lennart Francke and John Styffe.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is part of Y Soft’s marketing team heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing. Based in San Jose, California, she’s up early in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other in order to stay connected with teams in the Czech Republic and around the world.
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