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Successful Customer Projects – We Love Them!

Nothing inspires fear in an IT Manager’s heart than a failed IT project. When you take on an IT project, the aim is to make an improvement in your organization – the solution is supposed to save time and/or money, right? But inevitably, the project goes awry, face it, it often fails.
Project failure is a real thing. Research shows (Gartner and the Standish Group) that only 16.2 percent of IT projects are completed on time and within budget. Large companies are even worse: only 9 percent. 9 percent! Worse, your organization pays for these failures in time and money.

The reasons for project failures are many. You know what they are and as do we. So, we decided to do something about it in terms of print management and document capture solutions. After all, your organization relies on business printing and document workflows to get things done. So project failure is not an option.

Y Soft solutions are sold and supported through a global community of OEM and dealer partnerships. These organizations are leaders in Managed Print Services (MPS) globally and locally. They know their stuff. But MPS has evolved to include more than traditional MPS. That is why we work side-by-side with partners utilizing our Global Operational Excellence Framework for understanding your needs and designing and deploying the best print management/document capture solution for your organization – either as part of an MPS project or on its own.

And, we don’t walk away once the deployment is done. We stick around because the Framework includes what we call Proactive Care. It’s our way of ensuring that not only your deployment is still humming along as it should, but that it is also monitored and continually evaluated to ensure it can be improved and is still delivering the value the project promised.

Turns out, we’ve been doing this informally for years. For the last year, we’ve worked on formalizing it and – surprise – we found out that no other competitor has anything similar. So while our customer project satisfaction is monitored and reported upon with hard data, our competitors are …well we don’t know what they are doing. We just know that we get the call when a competitor’s customer is fed up. (That’s ok too.)

At Y Soft, we celebrate our customers’ success. We look forward to celebrating yours.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen is a previous member of Y Soft’s marketing team, previously heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, now managed by Ondřej Pospíšil and Amanda Bäckström.
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