Getting our geek on at Geecon Prague 2017

Growing the local developer community in the Czech Republic is something our R&D teams take great pride in. The Czech Republic is well known for its engineering talent and many global companies have offices here in Prague and Brno to take advantage of that.

With GeeCon Prague coming up, it’s a great opportunity to talk all things Java. Y Soft is once again sponsoring GeeCon Prague, October 18-20. Here is what we are doing to support GeeCon this year.
October 19, 11:20 am – Validation is more important than design
Sure, software design is important. But if you don’t take the time to validate functionality and consistency, beautiful software design is for naught. In this talk, Chief Architect, Martin Osovský and I will highlight the importance of a qualitative approach, share our experiences and provide tips on how to successfully work with the input from customers, sales and others.

October 20, 12:50 pm – Infinispan in a world dominated by raft
We develop software that is used in complicated IT infrastructure environments. While we consult with partners and customers on the infrastructure, ultimately, it is out of our control what the customer decides. As a massively distributed system, YSoft SAFEQ has to be designed to handle for high availability – our customers demand it. Typically such systems use raft or paxos-based distributed databases but these come with a lot of overhead. Is there another way? Product Architect, Jakub Fojtl, will talk about another alternative, Infinispan, and consistent hashing functions.

We look forward to getting our geek on at GeeCon Prague 2017.

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Now With Digital Fax
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