Introducing the IOTA Hardware Division

Y Soft Corporation
Marcel Fejtek
COO, Head of Manufacturing
Did you know that 21% of Y Soft’s sales volume is from hardware? It’s true, but since we’ve grown attached to the Y Soft name we are not going to change it. It is, however, time to acknowledge the growing importance of hardware to our customers, to our business and to future growth by formally naming hardware as a new operating entity within Y Soft.
Introducing the YSoft IOTA Hardware Division. As you might imagine, the name IOTA stems from IoT. We are big believers of IoT and we see in our work with Y Soft Venture portfolio companies and our own work that hardware is a growing area. Last year, we grew our manufacturing & prototyping facility space – moving it out of our headquarters and into its own facility down the road. It allows us to expand our own hardware manufacturing and development capabilities (needed by our own R&D and YSoft Labs teams) but also to provide full hardware-related support to our portfolio companies.

Using our resources, we can help young companies with our know-how, protoyping, purchasing power and experience with logistics, certifications and warehousing. You can view the video that showcases our new facility and manufacturing capabilities.

There are many advantages of Y Soft manufacturing for today’s customers. They include:
  • You are assured that the hardware works with the software seamlessly because Y Soft designs, tests and manufactures all the hardware for YSoft SAFEQ companion solutions
  • You don’t have to source hardware from 3rd party suppliers which is one less headache when it comes to service, support and invoices
  • When you need companion hardware – whether it is an external terminal, a card reader or YSoft SAFEQube 2 to name a few – our warehouses are centrally located and can usually ship within 2 business days
  • Our own R&D and YSoft Labs can experiment and create prototypes quickly which means new products can be made, tested and brought to market faster

Serving our customers better today with an eye on tomorrow is what the IOTA Hardware Division is all about.
Marcel Fejtek
Marcel Fejtek
Marcel enjoys working with all types of mechanical and electronic gadgets, and wood. He combines his enjoyment of these things at home by implementing smart home technology and making custom furniture for many rooms including the kitchen where he often is the cook. He likes to prepare meat dishes (no dill or desserts!), spending time with his family and modern architecture.
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