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Print Services Security: Why it matters

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Earlier this month, Quocirca published its latest report, Global Print Security Landscape, 2019. This article looks at the key findings of the report.

Print security – a growing concern

Quocirca’s Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 report observes that, although print infrastructure is often overlooked in terms of security, it is becoming a greater concern for businesses as they remain reliant on printing. In fact, print is considered to be one of the top security risks to any organization, second only to cloud-based services, malware attacks being the great concern of all. And there is good reason for concern because print-related security/data loss incidents have high consequences, with the percentage of respondents citing the following as the main impacts of such an event:


In the event of a security incident and resulting data loss, it costs an organization, on average $410,000 per annum.

These concerns are driving an increase in spend on print security. Despite this increase in spend and organizations carrying out print security assessments, the maturity and use of print-specific security measures still varies from business to business.

77% of respondents are increasing their spend on print security.

Print security – a comprehensive approach

Compliance is more important today than ever which means organizations need an all-encompassing approach that considers education, policy and technology. However, organizations may struggle to achieve this with limited resources or in-house skills. This is where trusted third-parties can help, Quocirca found that the use of managed print services (MPS) and print management leads to improved print security and providers are well positioned to offer support and guidance.

Print security – how Y Soft can help


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