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20th Anniversary: Giving Back

Y Soft Corporation
Director, Global Partner Marketing
Our 20th anniversary celebration is centered along four central themes: Building Smart Business, Continuing Innovation, Giving Back, and Fun & Friends. In this article, we discuss what giving back means to Y Soft and a special “20%” giving back program.
As we kicked off our year-long anniversary celebration, we are reminded that it all would have been impossible without the trust and help of our partner community, the customers we serve, and the hard work and dedication of our employees. So we are pleased to celebrate Giving Back by announcing a new program.

20% More

Giving back is an initiative we practice year-round too. More on that in a moment. For now, we are pleased to share our celebration with customers through our newly announced 20th Anniversary Sales Special. Customers can contact their MPS supplier or contact Y Soft directly to get an “extra 20%” on their maintenance agreement length. Even if your support contract is expired, you can receive 20% more upon renewal with no retroactive fees. On top of this, all service levels agreements are upgraded to the next higher level (excluding our highest level). It’s our way of Giving Back with our thanks.

Locally and Globally

Because we have offices around the world, we are conscious of the impact we can have in local communities. Naturally, most of our staff are in several offices around the Czech Republic and so much of our efforts are to ensure the business environment is competitive and transparent. We’ve formalized Giving Back activities in these three areas:


  • Legislation – we support organizations that work to ensure government is transparent and that lobbying is conducted legally when proposing and enacting new legislation.
  • Watch Dogs – As a democracy with checks and balances, the Czech Republic depends on journalistic investigations. We financially support these organizations to bring important matters to light.
  • Digital Transformation & E-Government – moving from a paper-filled world to a digital world is a goal for the Czech government. We’ve partnered with the Czech branch of the Open Society Fund to assist in this area.

Locally, we have partnered with an organization that helps us get all employees involved with organizations that are meaningful to them in their local communities. Through this program, employees can apply for funds for an individual or group that is making a positive difference. Further, if the employee is personally involved by donating time or talent, they can receive a larger amount. Many employees often pool together to enable an even larger financial contribution. We are proud to see this happen!

Our 20th Anniversary website showcases our early beginnings and invites you to share your pictures related to Y Soft or our products. We’ll add them to the photo gallery for everyone to see. And you can submit your story about how you came to know Y Soft too. Our partners and customers have already posted some funny and endearing stories. We’d love to share your story too. And, in the theme of Giving Back, anyone who submits a story gets a digital 20th Anniversary commemorative book.

Next month, we’ll cover one of the other three themes. Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond!
Chris Herben
Chris comes to Y Soft with over 20 years' experience in IT, serving in various roles from sales, consulting, and marketing. In his free time, you can book Chris to perform as a DJ at weddings and business parties in his home country, The Netherlands. 
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