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Enterprise printing in the cloud: reserved hosting

YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Product Marketing Manager, YSoft SAFEQ Breeze
As an enterprise business, using the cloud for your print management and infrastructure comes with many benefits, mainly reducing IT burden and costs. It also comes with a question: do you want to use shared hosting or reserved hosting?

Shared or Reserved? What’s the difference?

Shared hosting is used in many cloud-based business services such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Carbonite. And if you subscribe to Netflix, you are using shared resources.

With shared hosting, separate companies, known as multi tenants, share the cloud infrastructure and application resources while their data stays very separate and secure. Any company, regardless of their size, uses the same resources in the same way. Because of this sharing, costs tend to be lower making these services attractive to businesses of all sizes.
With a reserved infrastructure, a single company, or single tenant, uses hosted services and applications that are dedicated for their business. For many organizations, particularly large enterprises, reserved hosting is preferred because it means there are some choices in the service and the possibility for customization (depending on the service), even if it means a higher cost.
Another way to think of it is a building that houses multiple small businesses versus a building that has one large company. In the building with multiple small businesses, each business pays only a part of central services (air conditioning, electricity) and share some resources like a gym or kitchen area.
When it comes to cloud print management, Y Soft offers both shared and reserved services, YSoft SAFEQ Breeze and YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro respectively. Which cloud print management service is better for your large business? Let’s explore SAFEQ Cloud Pro a little deeper.

Options, Options and Options

When it comes to your cloud print management, your business may want more options and control over the service than a shared hosting can offer. As a large organization, you may have critical business printing processes demanding higher levels of print services availability. With a shared service, every business has the same level of service. With reserved hosting, your business can have a more highly available service with failover and redundancy options. Or, you may want a service that is geographically available with high availability in parts of the world you need it and not in areas you don’t. Again, with a reserved service, you can have those needs met.

YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro Reserved Options


Additionally, your cloud print management needs may vary from the enterprise across the street. Having a customizable choice makes a difference. What kinds of customization? It could be in the print infrastructure itself. A large organization may want to leverage their existing cloud infrastructure or integrate with other business services. We have always prided ourselves in being able to meet the unique requirements of some of the world’s largest companies. With a customization option in YSoft SAFEQ CloudPro, that tradition continues.

Flexibility & Simplicity

As an enterprise, you need a cloud print management solution that works for you. Cloud print management with Y Soft is all about flexibility and simplicity, which is why we have a choice of shared or reserved hosting – and within reserved, further options to meet individual needs. Using a reserved infrastructure and print management services can fit in very well for organizations that want a higher level of control and have requirements beyond what a shared service can offer.
Contact one of our team members today to find out how we can help your enterprise find the right cloud-based print management service for you.
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