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Introducing the YSoft MFX Lite reader

Y Soft Corporation
COO, Head of Manufacturing
You have heard about the MFX Ultimate Reader, and now it’s time for you to meet its little brother, MFX Lite. Find out how YSoft MFX Lite is the reader for you, making your life that little bit more secure, reliable, easier and sustainable.

Introducing MFX Lite

Our MFX range of readers is more secure, more productive and more mobile than other readers. The king of the readers, the YSoft MFX Ultimate reader, has superhero capabilities with HID, Legic and mobile – it really does it all. Following the success of the MFX Ultimate reader, we were asked for an entry-level version. Step into the spotlight, MFX Lite. Now, the word ‘lite’ is somewhat misleading, as this little box of tricks is small, but mighty! It packs a punch with functionality and is the perfect solution for secure identification and verification using MIFARE, Keri, Nexkey, Hitag and Cotag technologies. In fact, it’s the natural upgrade for those not needing the superpowers of the MFX Ultimate reader.

Heavy with benefits 

Good things really do come in small packages (this one is 86 mm × 51 mm × 21 mm), and the MFX Lite reader is no exception. It’s contactless, productive, reliable, secure, extensively robot-tested and has an extended six-year free product-lifetime warranty.
Hold on, there’s more! The MFX Lite’s lower power consumption also helps reduce users’ CO2 emissions by up to 36%. This helps guarantee partners and customers can rely on the reader’s availability and actively support their sustainability goals. Reductions in emissions also apply to the whole MFX range as well! Let’s not forget the custom configuration, card auto-detect, and fast and easy setup. You want different length cables? You got it. You want to mount it? Easy.
As with all of Y Soft hardware, the MFX reader range provides partners with flexibility and options to fit the technology around customers and their needs, such as hybrid working, offering more opportunities to close deals faster. Plus, with development in the EU and the MFX range’s use of the latest and most-accessible logic board chip set not only reduces waiting time by overcoming supply-chain issues, it ensures users are on the latest technology.

The only entry-level reader you need 

We could go on about how great the MFX Lite is, but we don’t need to. This reader is a one-stop-shop that can meet the needs of your customers and team with ease. It does what it says on the box – it’s an easy and smart solution. Read more about the MFX range here.
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