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Make printing a breeze for coworking spaces

Former Product Marketing Lead
Many coworking spaces took a hard hit when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. With the rise of the hybrid workforce, coworking spaces are once again set to become part of this model. Printing can easily become a complicated and risky minefield in such a flexible shared environment. Let’s take a look at how we can help. 

Coworking spaces

Prior to the pandemic, some businesses included flexible and coworking workplace solutions into their workspace mix. With the emergence of the hybrid workforce, this trend is only going to grow as the concept of the workplace evolves. Recent reports estimate that there will be a rapid boom in this area. Some predict that globally by 2025 the coworking industry may surpass $13.03 billion. The reason for this growth is multifaceted but includes reducing office overheads, increased workplace flexibility, minimizing commuting times, human interaction, and generally supporting hybrid workers. These spaces are also being used for printing by those working from home who need access to professional services. A coworking space offers the best of both worlds, bringing the office closer to the workers. Enabling businesses to reduce their overheads and for employees to reduce their commutes and be part of a community, this modern office offers flexibility and a tailored working space without a long-term contract. Somewhat more professional than working in a cafe! 

Problematic printing and perfect solutions 

When using a coworking space, users will expect core facilities to be provided, such as Wi-Fi, drinks facilities, and printing. However, printing in a space used by multiple businesses can pose many problems. From recovering costs, additional management, user access, ensuring document security, and more, there are many hurdles to cross to make a coworking print environment useable and fit for purpose. Never fear! We can help you overcome this. Let’s take a look at some potential printing problems and how to resolve them using a cloud-based print management solution. 

Security risks 

Problem: Using traditional printing methods, anyone can potentially see and collect what is being printed. There is a risk that a document may be removed from the print tray by someone other than the user where it could be lost, misplaced, or misused either accidentally or intentionally. Potentially breaching data protection laws, client information or intellectual property could be at risk. 

Solution: Y Soft family of cloud services uses enterprise-grade best practices to keep customer data private and secure. Leveraging encryption, reporting, and authentication, there is a clear trail of all data, and print jobs are only ever released to the correct user, meaning documents are no longer left sitting in the print tray. This can be done by card, PIN, mobile, username, and so on. At Y Soft, our customers are our top priority, and part of our mission is to keep your print services secure and compliant with necessary data-privacy legislation, such as GDPR. 

Time-consuming installation and management 

Problem: It is common for a print environment to be complicated to set up and run. With hardware, print servers, cables, access, and more, maintaining updates, patches, print servers, and users from different companies eats away at time that could be better spent on other projects.   

Solution: Reducing or eliminating the burden of managing and maintaining print services, we remove the need for print drivers. Printers are quickly connected and instantly ready for use with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Hosted and Pure Cloud. Easy installation makes life easier and seamless for both users and those managing the print environment in a coworking space or your members. Admins do not need to get involved. 


Problem: Purchasing, installing, and maintaining print servers can be expensive. Users can easily rack up large printing costs, which can be notoriously difficult to manage and claw back accurately. 

Solution: Save money and make complicated print drivers a thing of the past with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Hosted and Pure Cloud. Using our reporting, credit and billing modules, combined with authentication, all printing is accurately tracked and charged back.

Inflexible, unreliable, and complicated to use  

Problem: As well as being expensive and time-consuming, printing in a coworking space can be complicated and limiting—users have to navigate and gain printing access using various interfaces on a range of devices and software. Printing needs to be a flexible and seamless experience for users. Print downtime creates frustration, availability is essential. 
Solution: Without IT support, users can start printing without installing printer drivers or other software. Setting up printing with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud Hosted and Pure Cloud becomes almost self-service, regardless of the hardware being used.  with OMNI Series can protect your cloud print environment from printing downtime with load balancing and failover. All of these elements combined create a positive, hassle-free, and reliable user experience. High availability with OMNI Series can protect your cloud print environment from printing downtime with load balancing and failover. All of these elements combined create a positive, hassle-free, and reliable user experience.

Look to the Cloud 

The Cloud is already so much part of our daily lives, it makes sense to extend this to your print environment. Offering a convenient and cost-effective solution, Cloud printing can improve and simplify your coworking space. We have so much confidence in our Cloud solution that we have a Cloud Guarantee Program.  

Whether you are setting up a coworking space or have staff looking to use one, contact us today to see how we can help you. Printing no longer needs to be a challenge for coworking spaces. 

Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow is a previous senior member of Y Soft's product marketing team.
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