Nordjyske Medier Case Study

Nordjyske Medier case study, office image

Customer Profile

NORDJYSKE Medier, a leading media house in Northern Denmark, stands out for its comprehensive coverage, overseeing multiple newspapers, two radio stations, a 24/7 TV channel, and several online platforms. With around 600 employees, the group operates from 11 key locations, ensuring a wide-reaching impact across the region.
  • Industry: Media
  • Company Size: 600 employees
  • Location: Denmark


A large media company’s fleet of printers had grown unwieldy – and the cost of printing had skyrocketed. The company wanted to optimize the entire print environment and implement a solution to centrally manage printing and control costs.

The company aimed to discover a solution to optimize the printing environment, streamline printer management, and cater to employees' printing requirements. Their objectives included cutting printing costs, reducing electricity usage and CO2 emissions, and enhancing employee efficiency.


NORDJYSKE Medier and Konica Minolta Denmark conducted an Optimized Print Services (OPS) analysis throughout the company. The analysis revealed that the company was printing more than eight million pages per year – almost half printed on smaller, more expensive desktop printers instead of Multifunction Printers (MFPs) with a lower cost per page. Clearly, the existing print environment was inefficient, resulting in huge hidden costs.

Konica Minolta recommended consolidating the fleet by installing more cost-effective MFPs, removing the desktop printers, and implementing YSoft SAFEQ 6, a comprehensive and robust print management solution.

Now, instead of more than 150 printers of various makes and models, the company has 45 Konica Minolta MFPs, all centrally managed and monitored by YSoft SAFEQ 6. By replacing a diverse multitude of smaller printers with fewer, larger, networked MFPs, Konica Minolta was able to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase workflow efficiency, and bolster document security.

"After the Konica Minolta and YSoft SAFEQ 6 was implemented, the number of inquiries and maintenance tasks for the IT department fell to an absolute minimum. Operations and the stability of the system have also improved. And from a cost savings perspective, we reduced overall print 
costs by 20%. "

Kim Faarbæk, Controller, NORDJYSKE Medier


With Konica Minolta's and YSoft SAFEQ's help, NORDJYSKE Medier reduced printing costs by 20 percent. Other areas of savings include: 

  • Fewer print drivers. By consolidating brands and models, fewer print drivers are required – and less time from IT to manage and update them.
  • Less troubleshooting. Whereas IT previously spent 20–30% of its time responding to problems with desktop printers, there are now fewer inquiries regarding printing 
  • Simplified toner supply. Instead of keeping an inventory of many different types of toners for a vast range of printers, most new MFPs use the same type of toner. As a result, IT spends much less time ordering and maintaining supplies.
  • Less waste. The newly optimized and centrally managed print environment helps eliminate wasted resources – from lower power consumption due to the removal of desktop printers – to waste-saving features such as the ability to reduce the number of needlessly printed, uncollected print jobs.
  • Centralized control. IT has complete control over user access and can use role-and-rule-based security. Monitoring and reporting are easy as well. 

In addition to cost-saving benefits, YSoft SAFEQ 6 has significantly improved the work environment for employees. Separate printer rooms give staff an opportunity to get up from their desks to collect their print jobs instead of sitting in front of their monitors all day, and offices stay cooler without the heat generated by desktop printers. The YSoft SAFEQ Print Roaming feature enables employees to print their jobs at the most convenient printer anywhere in the company.