University of Information Technology and Management

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The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów is the largest non-public university in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. Established in 1996, it is currently one of the top Polish non-public universities of international renown. Over 7,000 people study at the university, including about 2,000 foreign students.


Due to the ongoing development and growing expectations of students, the university in Rzeszów was looking for modern solutions that could help attract students and make the school’s proposition more attractive. Before YSoft SAFEQ 6, there were two separate solutions in the customer’s printing ecosystem. For students, the service was provided by an external company through a stand with machines, which were operated manually, and the staff used devices maintained by the IT department.

In the case of services provided to students, the university had little influence on both the price and the quality of the service. In the case of the staff, the burden of maintaining the service at an appropriate level was placed on the IT department, and it was not possible to control user settings in order to manage the security of confidential documents and costs. 

The solution provided had to meet the needs of both students from different countries and university staff. It had to provide access to two domains at the university (separate domains for students and university staff).

The university wanted to set prices for prints, copies, and scans for groups of users (students, employees). They also didn’t want their IT department to have to supervise the solution. It was also important for users to access the multifunctional devices on their own to top up their accounts, preferably via electronic payments.

Previously, the university used the services of local MFD equipment suppliers. After an extensive analysis of the needs of the university, its staff, and users, a comprehensive solution was offered that included multifunction devices and print management software.


To enable the university to realize all its print, copy and scan requirements, 
multifunction devices were installed with SAFEQ 6 Print Management Suite. Additionally, YSoft’s payment module with electronic payments via PayPal and Przelewy24 was activated. The entire system is serviced and supported by the University’s local MFD equipment supplier.

Access to the electronic payment system for SAFEQ 6 was integrated with the university’s website to make it easier for students to use the system, along with the publication of instructions for using SAFEQ 6 and the MFDs.

• SAFEQ 6 Print Management Suite
• Integration with the university’s existing systems & platforms

“University improves print management, security, and costs with SAFEQ 6.”

SAFEQ 6 was integrated with our systems; it is user-friendly and meets our security requirements. We also receive very positive feedback from our students,” said Jerzy Chmieliński, Head of the Technology Innovation Department, the University of Information Technology and Management in 


By implementing SAFEQ 6 Print Management Suite, the university has been able to better manage its print, copy and scan environment. The benefits include:

Improved accessibility - a uniform multilingual payment system that can be accessed from anywhere - the device can be operated in the same manner from any location

Additional income for the university - the ability to adjust the price for printing, copying, and scanning

Improved data insights - access to reports provides valuable insights to improve security and cost controls

Improved security - the ability to grant permissions to employees
User friendly - simple, leading-edge service

SAFEQ 6 has enabled The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów to improve the management of its print ecosystem, while providing a service that meets the needs of both students from different countries and university staff.