3.39 Ricoh Gen2 Pure Cloud Terminal

Ricoh gen2 pure cloud terminal Y Soft

With SAFEQ Cloud version 3.39, the Ricoh Gen 2 terminal can be installed directly from the Ricoh device itself, regardless of customer network configuration.

💻 Enhanced flexibility

In SAFEQ Cloud 3.39, we're enhancing the Ricoh Gen2 pure cloud terminal. We now offer amped-up flexibility to our partners through new installation options and improved visibility into customer environments.

Now, installation and configuration can be completed from Ricoh's MFD Application Store, accommodating various customer configurations while providing clear visibility on the installation status.

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👤 Elevated end-user Experience

The enhanced terminal also elevates the end-user experience at the MFD. Users gain access to critical information about their print jobs, can view critical information about their print jobs, they can reload them manually and delete them if no longer required.

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