3.41 Web Admin Search Filters

SAFEQ Cloud 3.41 search filters for web admin

In the 3.41 version of SAFEQ Cloud, we're addressing the complexity and time-consuming nature of navigating through administrator interfaces to manage embedded terminals and printers. To do that, we're introducing search filters to locate specific terminals and printers seamlessly.

🔎 New search filters

With SAFEQ Cloud 3.41, enjoy straightforward navigation through devices in your device list. For printers, you have the option to search by name, address, or device serial number. For terminals, you can filter by name.



💡 Benefits

  • Efficiency: Reduce time spent scouring through device lists.
  • Productivity: Allows administrators to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Structure: Enable administrators to categorize and organize devices more effectively, leading to a more structured management process.


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