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A print driver built 
for cloud

Managing a multi-vendor print infrastructure involves installing printers on numerous devices, updating multiple print drivers and managing print queues. SAFEQ Cloud’s powerful full featured single driver simplifies printer management.

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Manage multiple devices with
a single driver

Full-featured single driver

The legacy model of one printer, one driver, is a headache for IT - from installing devices, helping end-users to connect to printers, or updating multiple print drivers across the organisation.

  • Now you can manage multiple printer devices via a full featured single driver – meaning less time for IT and less hassle for end-users.
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Advanced print options

Complex print commands such as duplex, staple, punch etc. differ depending on the manufacturer, creating issues for end-users when printers are swapped out.

  • Unlike manufacturers’ universal print drivers, SAFEQ Cloud’s full-featured single driver is designed to work across all models and all brands.
  • Once a user authenticates at any device, SAFEQ Cloud seamlessly formats the job including all finishing options, and quickly sends it to the printer, regardless of brand.

Print Roaming

A secure print roaming (pull printing) solution involves managing and deploying multiple print queues based on individual manufacturers’ print drivers.

  • SAFEQ Cloud delivers one global print queue that connects every printer, every user and every office across your organisation, enabling seamless printing without IT intervention.
Print roaming

Location-aware printing

Helpdesks can be bogged down with calls from users working across different offices or departments who can’t connect to a printer.

  • SAFEQ Cloud’s location-aware platform automatically discovers and shows end-users available printers at their location, allowing them to print immediately, wherever they are.
  • Available printers are automatically added and those that are no longer available are automatically removed.

Solving the print driver challenge

A cloud printing service eliminates the need for multiple printer drivers, a full featured single print driver provides unparalleled advantages and makes setting up cloud printing fast and efficient.


Solving the print driver challenge

Fundamentally print drivers were designed to be a piece of software on a computer that converts data to be printed into a format that a printer can understand.  Over time, as layers of complexity have been built into printing infrastructure, print driver management has become a task in itself.  IT has developed processes to handle print driver updates centrally, using print servers as a distribution platform.

With cloud print software, this headache essentially goes away. IT simply installs a client containing a universal print driver that includes full finishing options for all major manufacturers on users’ devices. Any updates in policy or device commands are pulled down to the client on a regular basis, so that users are always up to date and can print to all available devices, irrespective of manufacturer.


Is this a universal print driver?

The term universal print driver has been used historically to convey a single manufacturer driver that enables consistent print performance on that manufacturers’ devices.  However, in a multi-vendor print environment, universal print drivers often come up short, and IT typically has to maintain a repository of multiple print drivers to manage the fleet - a lot of needless administration.

Cloud print software replaces these legacy universal print drivers with a single solution that can handle multiple networks and domains even within organizations where there are duplicate usernames between domains.

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Benefits for IT and end-users

Another significant value-add is the simplification of common IT helpdesk pain points such as connecting users to a printer, whether at their home location or when visiting another site.  SAFEQ Cloud print software enables self-service for users and simplifies the process of adding print devices by only displaying those available locally to them.

With a true cloud platform, the print driver can move from being a point of frustration to a business enabler. Organizations can easily enable end-users to be able to print securely to any device (all major print manufacturers), from desktop or mobile, with full complex print driver commands (duplex, staple, punch etc.).