3.37 Enhanced Scanning Experience

3.37 Improved Scanning Experience

In the 3.37 version of SAFEQ Cloud, we're bringing new enhancements to your scan workflow, ensuring no documents gets left behind. From this version forward, we're storing unprocessed scans for 7 days. But that's not all.

📦 Unprocessed scans stored for 7 days

With SAFEQ Cloud version 3.37, scan files that encounter workflow processing issues will be stored for a week. The scans are easily retrievable from the “My Documents” section in the web user interface.


🖥️ Notification when a scan fails

With our latest enhancements of your scan capabilities, admins will get a notification when a scan fails. This notification explains the reason behind the scanning failure. This improves troubleshooting as admins can 
understand and address the root cause of the scan failure.

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