3.46 Scan to Google Drive

3.46 Scan to Google Drive with SAFEQ Cloud

With SAFEQ Cloud V. 3.46, we've enabled a Google Drive connector to expand our scan-to-cloud repositories capabilities. With the new version, users can securely scan documents directly to their Google Drive account.

💡 Scan-To-Google Drive Capability

We're extending our scan-to capabilities to include Google Drive. The feature expansion gives you efficient file management, allowing you to quickly have scanned files delivered to a specified directory in Google Drive.

Here's why that's great:

  • User-friendly authorization: Users can authorize access to Google Drive via a shared link or their profile page.
  • Per-user control: Users are authorized via OAuth 2.0 and can revoke access to their Google Account at any time.
  • Enhanced security: The Google Drive connector only allows access to files and folders created by SAFEQ Cloud, protecting personal user data.

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