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YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax

Goodbye traditional fax issues and high costs
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Say hello to digital fax

YSoft Digital Fax overcomes your biggest fax challenges:
  • Costs accociated with standalone fax machines or analog lines/VoIP telephony printer kits
  • Fax reliability
  • Accurate tracking
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A truly cost-effective digital experience

With SAFEQ Digital Fax, your costs and fax related help desk tickets can be significantly reduced. And, the digital experience, with fax statuses and incoming faxes received by email, improves users' productivity. 
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  • Data secured through extensive encryption to comply with regulations including HIPAA and PCI DSS
  • Accurate fax usage reports, including a copy of the faxed image
  • Digital incoming faxes via email; outgoing fax statuses by email
  • No additional cost for fax activity for packaged page limits. Additional pages can be purchased
  • ROI achieved in one year in most cases
  • Provides high availability with redundancy
YSoft SAFEQ Digital Fax is offered as an optional extension for either YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite or YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite.