End of Life for EveryonePrint Mobile

3.31 End of life for EveryonePrint Mobile 2023

Coming shortly after the 3.31 product release, we're announcing the End of Sale and End of Life (EOL) for EveryonePrint Mobile, our on-premise enterprise mobile printing product line.

The last day to order new licenses for EveryonePrint Mobile is June 30, 2023.

👥 Continued Support 

Our customers will continue to receive support for the duration of any active Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SLA), but no extensions will be permitted.

Any additional support and maintenance will be time-limited for the duration of the active SLA and scope-limited to fixing critical defects only - no updates or software patches will be provided for supporting additional operating systems, platforms, devices, or features beyond those explicitly stated in the EveryonePrint Mobile documentation.

Any requests for the transfer of license keys when migrating to new servers will be managed via the support portal.

This announcement only affects the EveryonePrint Mobile solution, a legacy product, and we will continue to provide our SAFEQ Cloud (EveryonePrint HCP) cloud-based lineup.

Customers with their SLA active at the time of this EOL announcement can migrate at no additional license cost to SAFEQ Cloud (EveryonePrint HCP) or SAFEQ Mobile Print as part of SAFEQ6.

Contact us at legacy.migration@ysoft.com for more information.


📆 EOL Timeline

Last day to submit a purchase order for any licenses (new/upgrades/renewal) for EveryonePrint Mobile for a maximum 1 year term (expiration no later than June 30, 2024) 

June 30, 2023 

 End-of-Support / End-of-Life

Upon the expiry of a customer’s active SLA