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YSoft SafeQ 5 is launching soon!

Thursday, January 30 – that’s the date we’ll officially introduce the new version of our product, YSoft SAFEQ 5, at a ceremonial launch at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. We welcome our partners from around the world to join us there.

Our major partners will be the first to get to know the long-awaited YSoft SAFEQ 5. The launch ceremony will include a full program of activities, beginning with an introduction by the CEO of Y Soft himself, Václav Muchna.

During the afternoon session at the hotel, participants can visit five sites, each representing a key update included in the new version of YSoft SAFEQ – and learn in a practical and fun way what each innovation brings and how it works. Václav Muchna will officially conclude the educational part of the ceremony.

Testing and certification of YSoft SAFEQ 5 on manufacturers’ multifunction printers will take place during February. General availability of the new version on the market is scheduled for the second half of March.

We are preparing a little surprise for you if choose to attend the event remotely, online. Watch our website – you’ll find out more soon.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen is a previous member of Y Soft’s marketing team, previously heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, now managed by Ondřej Pospíšil and Amanda Bäckström.
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