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Beacons + YSoft SafeQ = YES

Did you know that YSoft SAFEQ’s mobile app supports beacons? Specifically beacons using Eddystone?

Beacons are one-way transmitters used to mark important places and things. Eddystone is an open Bluetooth® Smart beacon format from Google capable of working across Android and iOS devices.
Organizations can use beacons to mark important company assets. Multifunction devices can be marked with beacons too but for a different reason. While company printers are important company assets, using beacons also enables employees to discover them with their mobile devices and use them.

YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app supports Eddystone-enabled beacon technology. This means any printer that is using an Eddystone-enabled beacon will be recognized automatically by the YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app and be presented to the user within the app as a nearby device.

The user doesn’t have to scan a QR code when using YSoft SAFEQ mobile app. With the Eddystone-enabled beacon, printing from mobile devices is now even easier and employees are much more productive. And, your organization is assured that any mobile printing from printers presented as nearby printers is part of the YSoft SAFEQ ecosystem so the job is captured for reporting purposes. In fact, all the functions enabled by the YSoft SAFEQ mobile app is available to the user as normal.

Learn more about Eddystone.

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Dávid is part of Y Soft's R&D department in Brno where he works on Y Soft's mobile applications. He starts his day with a coffee, reading news from the mobile application world to extend his knowledge. He is passionate about climbing and cycling. One day, he would like to climb the highest mountain in the world (and of course travel there by bicycle).
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