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YSoft SafeQ 6 and the Cloud

Public cloud services are increasingly used by organizations seeking the cost reductions, scalability and reliability cloud computing offers. For many, cloud services provide the additional advantage of relieving IT infrastructure overhead to work on other high-value projects.
Whether you are considering private cloud or hybrid cloud, keep in mind the ability of your print management and document capture provider’s ability to easily move, or if just starting, deploy in the cloud. Is the architecture structured for scalability – where adding more resources to support more users at headquarters or remote offices can be done cost efficiently, particularly when some locations need high availability, redundancy and failover while other locations do not?

In this blog article, we describe YSoft SAFEQ’s building block approach to its architecture. It might be useful to refer to this as we discuss YSoft SAFEQ in the Cloud.

How does YSoft SAFEQ look in the Cloud?

The easy answer is, how do you want it to look like? Some companies are perfectly fine to have all print, scan, copy and fax job data processed in the cloud. If this is you, then most of YSoft SAFEQ’s architecture can be in a private cloud in an Azure, AWS or some other hosted datacenter and only Client Services (and the actual print devices!) are on-premise.

However, if you are not comfortable for print, copy, fax and scan jobs to be processed entirely in the Cloud for privacy, security or for bandwidth cost reasons, then a hybrid approach may be more suitable. Once again, YSoft SAFEQ’s tiered architecture can handle this approach. With this hybrid approach, only the job’s metadata is sent to the cloud (much smaller data that goes easy on the bandwidth) where it is kept for reporting purposes.

In either case, YSoft SAFEQ’s authentication can leverage Cloud services’ single-sign on and centralized reporting is managed through a single administrator dashboard.

The diagrams below use Microsoft Azure as an example to show YSoft SAFEQ in a private Cloud or hybrid Cloud deployment. Note that Client Based Print Roaming can be an option for both private or hybrid Cloud and that YSoft SAFEQ tiers can be clustered in the Cloud for high availability, redundancy and failover support.

YSoft SAFEQ shown on Microsoft Azure as a private cloud

YSoft SAFEQ shown on Microsoft Azure as a private cloud/on-premise (hybrid)

Want to learn more? Contact your local Y Soft representative or ask your Managed Service Provider about Y Soft print management and document capture in a private or hybrid Cloud environment.
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