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We have teamed up with Epic to provide healthcare organizations a complete, cost effective and secure print services solution. The YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic® is here.
With over 250 million electronic patient records on its platform, Epic is one of the world’s leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. For healthcare staff, Epic offers extensive services to help manage patient healthcare.
Healthcare professionals need to print documents from within Epic that may contain confidential patient information. Ensuring document security is never more critical than when it involves patient information. From sending a job to a printer through to print job completion, it is always imperative to keep data and documents safe and secure. This is where the YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic steps in to help.

Meeting all the print services needs in healthcare

In addition to printing from within Epic, healthcare staff have processes where copying, scanning and faxing are required. Prints and copies cannot be left sitting at the printer. In fact, data in any state, including scanned data and fax content, must remain secure. And that is where YSoft SAFEQ comes in.
With YSoft SAFEQ and the YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic, healthcare staff have a simple way to securely print from within Epic at any print device and perform their copy, scan and fax tasks at any multifunctional device.

Meeting healthcare regulatory compliance

Security and compliance regulations are in place to protect patient confidentiality for good reason because patient data can be found everywhere. From prescription labels, patient wristbands, physician orders to lab test results, medical history and insurance information.
Healthcare organizations face many challenges when it comes to securing patient data when it involves print services, including securing their print environment and providing proof of compliance, for example, compliance guidelines set forth by HIPAA. Organizations may face hefty fines if a data breach occurs not the mention the impact on patient trust.


For large and growing and healthcare organizations, it becomes harder and costlier to ensure and deliver fast, reliable and compliant print services. For printing as an example, the current method required Epic users to only print at certified print devices, which increases IT expenses and complexity.

Just what the doctor ordered

YSoft SAFEQ and the YSoft SAFEQ Connector integration with Epic improves document security for healthcare without the need to purchase certified printers. Our healthcare solution ensures security and ease of printing, copying, scanning and faxing in a highly dynamic medical environment.
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