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SAFEQ Now Google Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Former Product Marketing Lead
YSoft SAFEQ’s new extension enables users to natively print from a Chrome browser. All print activity is securely printed through YSoft SAFEQ.
Whether employees or students are printing from Chromebooks or any device that supports a Chrome browser, rest assured that all print activity is securely printed through YSoft SAFEQ and accounted for in SAFEQ reporting. Offered as a free connector, the YSoft SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension can be easily implemented.

Full support for Chrome

All desktop OS platforms that support the Chrome browser are covered, even when used in a mixed OS environment. That includes Unix, Linux, Chrome OS, MacOS and Windows. The SAFEQ Google Chrome Print extension is Chrome Enterprise Recommended by Google. This means it has been verified as optimized for Chrome OS, meets Google’s highest performance standards and is easy to adopt.

What about Google Cloud Print?

Google has announced it is ending its support for Google Cloud Print by the end of this year, December 2020. What does that mean for YSoft SAFEQ customers who are using our Google Cloud Print connector? Through the new free connector, you can migrate to our Google Chrome Print extension with a few “cut and paste” clicks. We are happy to assist you if needed.

Visit our webpage where additional information about how our Google Chrome Print extension works.

Get in touch and let YSoft SAFEQ ensure safe and convenient built-in printing from Google Chrome.
Bruce Leistikow
Bruce Leistikow is a previous senior member of Y Soft's product marketing team.
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